Area Businesses

Area Businesses

Residents of the Pembroke area take pride in the growth, diversity and success of local businesses and industry. Growth leaders include Lumbee Guaranty Bank and the Health Care Corporations. The Carolina Commerce and Technology Center, Inc. (COMtech) is a non-profit, corporation which began operation in January 2001. It is responsible for developing an education and training center surrounded by 620 acres zoned for business and industry. The site in central Robeson County, North Carolina, will be the home of technology-focused business, industry, education, training and business incubation facilities. The focus of COMtech is capacity building and development of a premier capability to support meaningful, long-term workforce development. COMtech directly impacts the growth of our economy and improvement in the quality of life for the people in our region. Its primary impact is regional job creation. For business and industry, their relentless mission is: "to help make you profitable and to exceed all of your goals".

The Pembroke area also has a large number of people employed in the construction industry, with many small firms specializing in residential construction and drywall.

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Lumbee Guaranty Bank is a growing minority owned bank that has headquarters in Pembroke and seven branches in other areas.

Pemberton Place Nursing Center is an outstanding new facility that is a model for services to the elderly and the disabled. Robeson Health Care Corporation continues to lead the expansion of the area’s health care services.

The Pembroke area has many health care providers and is experiencing surprising growth of other human service agencies, including health service agencies, government services and non-profit organizations.

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The Carolina Commerce and Technology Center, Inc.


The bottom line is that opportunities abound in the Pembroke area for exciting new growth and development. There are abundant natural resources, with clean and plentiful surface water, pure and untainted air, and a young and growing workforce. Local business and industry is very diversified and successful. Land is available at reasonable cost, and the cost of living is relatively low.

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